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The Bible Teaching Ministry of Dr. Courtney A. Bailey

Welcome to Scripture Window

Scripture Window is a non-denominational teaching ministry having the perspective that Christian scripture is a window through which God reveals himself. It therefore has the objective of helping individuals see God for themselves, by teaching them how to read the Bible. Our focus is not on trying to teach what the Bible says, but on teaching how to correctly read the Bible, so that individuals can discover for themselves what God is saying to them through scripture.

Courtney A. Bailey - Scripture Window
Dr. Courtney A. Bailey

Dr. Courtney A. Bailey is the principal teacher for Scripture Window. His quest to learn how to handle the Bible correctly has led him to pursue a PhD in Theology and he has been teaching the Bible for decades in church and academic settings in various parts of the world. His passion is to help others learn how to correctly read the Bible for themselves. 

Courtney A. Bailey - Scripture Window
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Courtney A. Bailey - Scripture Window

History, Hermeneutics, and Church Polity

in the International Churches of Christ in Jamaica

How the church is to be organized and led is an important question for contemporary congregations. Whilst congregations generally contend that their church polity comes from the Bible, the reality is more complex. In this book, the author critically examines the claims of his own church tradition in the International Churches of Christ (ICOC)—a branch of the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement—that its church polity is derived from a pattern found in the New Testament. By a critical examination of the history and hermeneutics of the ICOC and a careful exegesis of Titus 1:5–7 (an important passage for church polity in the ICOC), the author demonstrates that the church polity of the ICOC in Jamaica is not, in fact, based on a New Testament pattern derived from Titus 1:5–7 but is the product of its church history and hermeneutics. With applications beyond the ICOC, this study offers new ways of interrogating existing church polity and new perspectives on the age-old question of how to organize and lead the church.


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